Monday, July 31, 2006

Laurie Casolino - Office Warrior...

The above illustration is a character in my weekly web comic strip, "CMX Suite", that appears every Tuesday on the home page of Community MX. The character is based LOOSELY on Laurie Casolino - one of the many web development experts who write and help maintain the Community MX web site. Laurie makes sure everyone maintains their deadlines so we kid her that she is like a Xena - The Princess Warrior, so I put her in a very stylized Xena-like costume.

My apologies for an 11 day delay in posting new art work. I play in two men's adult baseball leagues here in Northern Virginia and have ended up playing 12 games in 26 days. That, coupled with the 90+ degree weather we've been having here in July, seemed to finally have taken its toll on me last week as I was pretty ill for a couple of days last week - hence the delay in getting any artwork completed.

In any case, I'm feeling much better now. Enjoy the artwork!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blackbolt and Muffin...

This was done for a character jam for Blackbolt being held over at The Drawing web site.
For those that are unfamiliar with the character, Blackbolt is an Inhuman (Marvel Comics) whose vocal cords can shatter mountains so he never speaks.

And now, introducing Muffin...
"Muffin" is a fellow caricaturist over at The Drawing web site. She was brave enough to submit her photograph and have other caricaturists take a crack at drawing her.
Here's her photo:

And here's my caricature of "Muffin":

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Why Wonder Woman rarely flies her plane any more...

Today's illustration was done as another submission toThirdrail's "This Week" forum again. This week's subject matter was Wonder Woman. So, I thought I'd poke fun at the whole "invisible plane" thing. For those of you that love the 80's, you might get who the two"flyboys" are. If not, that's Maverick and Goose from "Top Gun".


Friday, July 14, 2006

Leopards, Tigers & so much more... OH MY!

Sometimes, it's amazing the "treasures" you re-discover after doing nothing more then cleaning off your desk after many, many weeks of desperately (and lazily) ignoring the dreaded paper demon win the war on your desk.

So yesterday, as I was trying to force the paper demon into retreat, I found two sketches I did back in the spring when my daughter and I visited the Smithsonian Naturalist Center in Leesburg, Virginia.

My daughter actually got a special invitation from her art teacher to attend a draw-in there one Saturday afternoon. That was before we learned the draw-ins occur every Saturday afternoon - and they are open to anyone who wants to visit. You just need to sign in at the front desk first (but it was still a great honor for my daughter to be recognized by her teacher).

Anyway, normally I refrain from drawing animals - especially in a realistic style but since we were there for a few hours, I decided to have some fun by drawing cartoon versions of some of the wild animals they had on display.

I don't remember which one of these guys I drew first - the leopard or the tiger but here they are:

The leopard idea was a take-off from a VERY OLD 1987 Esquire photo (I believe) I saw of Steve Martin where he is wearing a white spotted shirt and holding an ink pen with a "why me?" look. Of course, I can't find a copy of the photo but if I had this kind of memory when it came to important facts like geometry theorems, I would have kicked butt in high school. Instead, I'm left with humorous images from 1987 photo shoots burned into my brain.

My daughter is a huge Teen Titans Go! fan. As such, she has gotten me addicted to the Cartoon Network's show. I was a huge George Prez and Marv Wolfman fan when they were doing their version of Teen Titans for DC Comics back in the early and mid-80's. That's probably where I grew to like Slade Wilson (aka, Deathstroke/Terminator) - probably because he reminded me so much of another character George Perez helped design over in the Marvel Universe. That guy, obviously, is Taskmaster.

So I thought I'd draw Slade in the Teen Titans Go! animated style. I ended up liking it so much, I decided to try and duplicate that same style for Taskmaster. Here's the unfinished sketch of Taskmaster:

And here is a sample of the finished Slade sketch side-by-side the unfinished Task sketch:

How did I do imitating the Teen Titans Go! animated style?

And lastly, all Goodman things must come to an end...
Or, here is my caricature of John Goodman I'm posting in the John Goodman caricature jam over at The Drawing Board art forum:

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Until next time...


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Junior League does it again (siiiiigh)...

Well, what can you say? Another heartbreaking loss for the senior league in last night's All-star game. Brought back memories of two years or so ago when the National League had their best closer on the mound at the time - Eric Gagne - and he ended up blowing a save opportunity. I know a lot of people probably enjoy a higher scoring all-star game but last night was an enjoyable game to watch - despite the final results, of course. LOL!

At the same time though, it also proved to be exactly why I tend to dislike the American League so much. Last night proved exactly how meaningless the DH is - or, at least, how meaningless it SHOULD be. Big Pappi DH's because, apparently, he can't play defense yet he made a couple of outstanding fielding plays last night and, obviously, he played first base when the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in the World Series two years ago so why does he HAVE to be a DH? That's the thing I hate about the American League - and, with the American league winning the All-star game last night, the DH is going to again play a major advantage in the World Series this year since the American League will have, potentially, more games at home then the visiting National League team.

The nice thing is that the National League certainly has some exciting young players that made the game enjoyable to watch. Just sorry to see Nomar didn't get a chance to play... but that's the negative aspect about "making the game count". Garner had to make sure he had to have some reserves on the bench in case the National League tied the game in the ninth. I'm almost positive Nomar would have played in the 10 inning had the national League scored in their last at bat. I still say, in baseball, if 9 men play the field, those same 9 should bat. Ah well... maybe next year.

Okay... on to the art. I have three new postings today. Two caricatures and a submission to thirdrail's "This Week" art jam. First the caricatures.

This is "Neo Noaide" from the Drawing Board web site (caricature section). Many of the caricaturists there are posting pictures of themselves and letting other caricaturists draw them. I still have to post my photos and see what everyone does of me. Hopefully, I'll get to that this weekend.

From the Drawing Board again... this is for a Caricaturing jam session featuring Uma Thurman as the subject model. Uma's a hard celebrity to draw. As I posted on the forum, I like individual parts of her caricature but put altogether... I'm not sure I "captured her" as well as I have other celebrities. Hopefully, people will "get" the "Hawke" reference. :-)

This is the submission for Thirdrail's art jam for this week. The subject matter is "Tigra" - a Marvel character that is, essentially, a humanoid cat. I don't know if Wonderman (pictured above) and Tigra were ever an "item" in comic book land, but I've never drawn Wonderman before and thought this might be humorous (for a variety of reasons). }:-)


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bored already?

Yeah. It's only been a couple of days and I've already decided to change the look of my blog. Mainly that was because I had some free time on my hands so I could get my hands a little dirty with the CSS coding. Figured out how to modify one of the templates so I could add my own banner duplicated from my web site.

A long time ago, with my first Blogger Blog, I obsessed with trying to match the look of my web site by creating my own template but royally screwed things up and gave up having a blog for a long time. But since this is primarily going to be an image dump of various sketches of mine, I'm not going to worry too much about matching my web site's look. That doesn't seem to be so important nowadays anyway, so I'll leave it like this way.

For a while, at least.

Later on tonight, my wife, daughter and I are going to go see Pirates. In honor of that, I thought I'd post a cartoon pirate. This was originally for my strip - but it didn't quite work out the way I had hoped so I'll try to re-use him in a later one.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Alien vs. Marvel's "Alias"

For about a year and a half now, I'm been a regular contributor to Thirdrail Design Lab's forum. Each week, Thirdrail has a "This Week" art jam where members can draw and submit their versions of a particular character from comics, animation, manga and just about anything else. The choices are all random and we never know what character might pop up every Sunday. One week, it may be Spider-man. The next week, it may be Betty and Veronica from Archie comics.

In any case, I've been doing my little ode to Fred Hembeck with my "This Week" submissions. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Fred Hembeck's work, Fred has a Garfield-like style and is famous for making cartoons of the comic book industry.

Recently, I've taken a look at my files and was amazed at exactly how many "This Week" submissions I have contributed. So much so that I've debated whether creating a new web site completed devoted to just my cartoons might be in order. My CSFGraphics site might be a bit too largeor far too inclusive of EVERYTHING I do. I'm thinking that I should break down the two sites so that my CSFGraphics site won't have so much artwork in it. I think CSFGraphics is so big, my cartoons and illustrations sometimes get lost in it.

But I digress. Back to "This Week"...

Below is my cartoon representation of the Marvel comic book, "Alias".

You might recognize a certain sci-fi creature in this submission. I always try to come up with some odd or weird twist to these "This Week" submissions. I thought this one was pretty successful.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chris as South Park character

I can't remember where I got this URL from but there's a site out there that let's you create South Park characters via a Flash interface. This is what I came up with for my own character:

Here's a Howard Stern cartoon/caricature I made:

Howard was done a while back but here's a more recent illustration. If you're a fan of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies, you might recognize this guy:



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