Friday, July 14, 2006

Leopards, Tigers & so much more... OH MY!

Sometimes, it's amazing the "treasures" you re-discover after doing nothing more then cleaning off your desk after many, many weeks of desperately (and lazily) ignoring the dreaded paper demon win the war on your desk.

So yesterday, as I was trying to force the paper demon into retreat, I found two sketches I did back in the spring when my daughter and I visited the Smithsonian Naturalist Center in Leesburg, Virginia.

My daughter actually got a special invitation from her art teacher to attend a draw-in there one Saturday afternoon. That was before we learned the draw-ins occur every Saturday afternoon - and they are open to anyone who wants to visit. You just need to sign in at the front desk first (but it was still a great honor for my daughter to be recognized by her teacher).

Anyway, normally I refrain from drawing animals - especially in a realistic style but since we were there for a few hours, I decided to have some fun by drawing cartoon versions of some of the wild animals they had on display.

I don't remember which one of these guys I drew first - the leopard or the tiger but here they are:

The leopard idea was a take-off from a VERY OLD 1987 Esquire photo (I believe) I saw of Steve Martin where he is wearing a white spotted shirt and holding an ink pen with a "why me?" look. Of course, I can't find a copy of the photo but if I had this kind of memory when it came to important facts like geometry theorems, I would have kicked butt in high school. Instead, I'm left with humorous images from 1987 photo shoots burned into my brain.

My daughter is a huge Teen Titans Go! fan. As such, she has gotten me addicted to the Cartoon Network's show. I was a huge George Prez and Marv Wolfman fan when they were doing their version of Teen Titans for DC Comics back in the early and mid-80's. That's probably where I grew to like Slade Wilson (aka, Deathstroke/Terminator) - probably because he reminded me so much of another character George Perez helped design over in the Marvel Universe. That guy, obviously, is Taskmaster.

So I thought I'd draw Slade in the Teen Titans Go! animated style. I ended up liking it so much, I decided to try and duplicate that same style for Taskmaster. Here's the unfinished sketch of Taskmaster:

And here is a sample of the finished Slade sketch side-by-side the unfinished Task sketch:

How did I do imitating the Teen Titans Go! animated style?

And lastly, all Goodman things must come to an end...
Or, here is my caricature of John Goodman I'm posting in the John Goodman caricature jam over at The Drawing Board art forum:

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