Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going away for the weekend...

This is the weekend that I'm going camping with my daughter's Girl Scout troop so I wanted to throw some more art up here before I leave for the weekend.

This series of sketches continues the "Caricaturist's caricatures" thread that's been going on over at The Drawing Board forum. Today's... um... "victim" is "Tooninator". You can see more of his stuff over at his own blog. Remember, we hate him not just because he's Canadian (and probably drinks milk from a bag) but because he's also so good at such a young age too.


First up, his photos:

Now, for my more traditional type caricature (but still in very loose sketch form):

So many of the caricaturists over at The Drawing Board are so great at cross-hatching or shading in order to get depth in a piece. Normally, that's a step I save when I color the final piece (it's also one of the reasons that my stuff looks so flat in black and white too).

With Tooninator's last photo, I saw a "theme" and tried to capture that here:

And then, finally, a lot of the caricaturists on that thread have commented how much they seem to dig my "animator" style. Basically, that's the best way I could describe it. I just imagine the person I'm drawing as a cartoon character in, say, "Scooby Doo" or some other TV animation and try to simplify them down to the lowest common denominator. So, here's "Tooninator" as a TV animated character (with and without his "shades"):

Until next week, folks!



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