Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My baseball season finally ends...

Many of you might know I play in a couple of men's amatuer baseball leagues. Well, right now is playoff season and because of that, I've had 5 games in the last 8 days so that's a big reason for no new artwork here.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy though!

I have a few projects on my art table right now - including my weekly web comic strip over at Community MX. I've also been spending a large amount of time over at my new favorite hangout place, The Drawing Board - especially in the "Caricatures" section. Over there, there's a post dedicated to caricature artists doing caricatures of OTHER caricature artists. It's a lot of fun. As such, here are some of my most recent posts:

Chris Wahl:

Some other caricaturists:


Feral (Don):


And here is the start of a caricature of two really fantastic artists - neither of which are caricature artists themselves - but they are two of the many artists I am a fan of. On the left is Fresco (She-Dragon) and on the right, Joe Pekar, a fantastic pin-up artist. I plan to add their bodies and color it:

And there you go. A lot of stuff since the 3rd of August!



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