Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Baltimore Comic Con 2006...

Sorry folks, no new artwork at this time. I have just finished a couple of projects I haven't had time to post yet so I will do that soon - I promise.

In the mean time, I want to do some "Dad bragging", if I may...

Something pretty cool happened to me and my daughter at the Baltimore Comic Book convention on Saturday that I wanted to share with you all.

This past weekend was my 6th Baltimore Comic Con in a row. It was my daughter's third. This all started because my daughter got me turned onto the Teen Titans Go! animated TV show and, in return, I wanted to introduce her to the Teen Titans (Marv Wolman & George Perez) comics I grew up with.

So anyway, we attended the Comic Con on Saturday and sat in on Joe Quesada's (Marvel's Editor in Chied) Q & A session. Newsarama wrote an article detailing the highlights of the session. Here's the link:


About halfway down, you will read the following:

"Will we see Taskmaster after his appearance in Moon Knight, perhaps in a miniseries?

Quesada: “No miniseries, but you’ll see him…around.”

Asked by a young girl if there will be a second season of Stan Lee’s Who Wants to be a Superhero series on SciFi, Quesada said that the program was something that Lee did through his POW Entertainment brand, and suggested that she write Lee a latter and tell him that she liked it, and he’ll bet back to her.

The girl followed up with, “What do you think, would happen if Spider-Man found out that you were the guys destroying his life?” Which was met by thunderous applause form the room, and stumped Quesada.

“He’d probably write Stan a letter too,” Quesada said."

The Taskmaster question was obviously mine.
The girl who asked about "Who wants to be a superhero" and the Spidey question?
That was my daughter. All 11 years old of her!

And yes, her second question DID bring down the house!



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