Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CMX Suite You Tube video!!!

Thought you all might like to see a video of how I go about creating my CMX Suite strip over at Community MX. This took quite a while to get right. It's still not "perfect" but considering this was my first attempt using a combination of SnapzPro X (for the screen capture movie) and QuickTime Pro for the actually editing purposes, it's not too bad. I had to cut it off abruptly at the end due to the time constraints of YouTube.

If anyone knows of an easier, Mac-way to edit a QuickTime movie, please let me know. I tried importing my SnapzPro X movie into iMovie but couldn't edit it at all once I did.

Anyway, the music you're hearing was from my college (Radford University) roommate's band, The Mosiacs. My roommamte wrote the piano intro you hear when you first start watching the video.

And the strip will be on Communiyt MX's Home page next Tuesday (October 31st) if you care to see what it looks like full-size and uncompressed by video.



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