Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Littlest Christmas Tree, by Red Skelton...

As a partner of Community MX, we're asked to occasionally write blogs about all sorts of things that might be of interest to us. Last year, I re-called a very special Christmas Album and story my brother and I used to listen to every year. Here is my original blog. The story was by Red Skelton and it was called "The Littlest Christmas Tree".

Since that post last year, I have received so many personal e-mails and responses to my blog from people telling me how they too had listened to that story on that same album and how they thought they'd never be able to find it ever again.

Needless to say, when I did my very thorough internet search last year for this Red Skelton story, I never thought I'd get the response that I have. Last year, I was just trying to find out if I could still purchase the story some where or if that old holiday album even existed any more. Apparently, the album has been re-recorded but the story has been left off. I found a lot of Red Skelton stuff - CDs and DVds but nothing that gave definitive proof whether this story was included on any of his collections. But I did find a web site that had a WAV file of the story. It was here:

If you go to my original blog, you can get the direct link from there. But what I thought I'd do this year is save it to my own web site in a .MOV file... just in case there have been some web visitors out there that have been unable to listen to the Albertarose WAV file.

Here is the .MOV version of the Littlest Christmas Tree, by Red Skelton:

The Littlest Christmas Tree (.MOV)

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season this year!


-Chris Flick


  • You know, I have not heard the name Red Skelton in a long, long time. As he always said at the end of his show...God bless!

    By Anonymous Leonard Bartholomew, at Saturday, 20 January, 2007  

  • You know, I have not heard the name Red Skelton in a long, long time. As he used to say at the end of his show...God bless!

    By Blogger Leonard Bartholomew, at Saturday, 20 January, 2007  

  • I have the original album.. and when I was little my sisters and I put on a skit for my parents using this song..... I can't play the album because I no longer have a record player....thank you so much for helping me bring back memories of Christmas's past.....

    By Anonymous nhwoman, at Sunday, 09 December, 2007  

  • Hey Leonard,

    Glad my little fascination with this song/story could provide a bit of happiness and pleasure to you during this holiday season.



    By Blogger Chris, at Sunday, 09 December, 2007  

  • Thank you for having this so we all can listen to.
    It brings back so many memories for me. It make me think of my friends we always did the play for each other. This album was the 1st Chrismas Album My MoM bought when I was a kid. It was alway very special to all of my brothers and sisters.
    the AnnB

    By Anonymous AnnB, at Monday, 10 December, 2007  

  • I have been looking for this song for a long time, I have the origional album but no turntable.. I would like to find someplace to have the album put on a cd but haveing no luck.. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you

    By Anonymous bill509, at Friday, 14 December, 2007  


    This is where you can listen to The Littlest Christmas Tree with Red Skelton. Just copy and paste it in your browser. Be blessed! I've been looking for this forever.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, 19 September, 2008  

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