Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poking a little fun at Oprah...

This week, I poked a little fun at Oprah on my weekly web comic strip over at CommunityMX. The strip above is the version that I originally created mainly because my office has a subscription to Oprah's magazine and it looks to me like the airbrush artist on her covers goes just a little bit more overboard each and every month the new issue arrives in our offices.

But after MUCH discussion, it was decided that it might be best if we took off the picture of Oprah in the last panel so I came up with this instead:

I think the original one is still the strongest of the two and it's very seldom I get this biting or viscious with a celebrity but in the end, the second one still seems funny - just not AS funny - at least in my ol' humble (and totally biased)opinion anyway.


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