Monday, February 12, 2007

Drawing someone else's creation...

A friend of mine on another forum posted some character sketches of his super hero team. I took great interest in the two characters that were (I believe) fused with watermelon DNA to give them rock hard skin... I have to confess, I really didn't pay too much attention the the origin of the characters. They just looked like it would be fun to add a humorous slant to them.

So I posted a black and white image to the forum and said if anyone wanted to color them, they were free to do so. Another member, Musicaldruid, decided to take me up on my offer. Her color variations are below. She has a DeviantArt gallery and I will post the link to that gallery once I find it in the assortment of e-mails I have backed up.

Anyway, here is the original line art:

And here are the two colored versions MusicalDruid came up with.

First Version:

Second Version:

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