Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine's gift to my wife (my first ever iTunes iMix)...

When I was in college and was dating my wife, she would make a 4.5 hour trip one or two times a month to see me. At the time, I was heavy into making mixed tapes so before she would visit me, I'd take the time out and make a mixed TAPE for her... that was way before the advent of CD burners and one of my prized possessions at the time was a double tape boom box that easily allowed me to play tapes from one head and record on another. So I'd make a 60 or 90 minute tape of all sorts of music so she'd have something to listen to (and remember our weekends together) while she was driving home.
So for this Valentine's Day (today), I thought I'd do something similar - although it's a heck of a lot easier making a mix CD then it is a 60 - 90 minute tape, let me tell ya!
Anyway, if you like the songs on this list, click the title and rate my humble little iMix list.

-Currently listening to the CD list in iTunes right now...


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