Friday, April 27, 2007

Illustration Friday

This is my first post for Illustration Friday. Today's theme is "Remember". I had already done an illustration of the Virginia Tech Hokie for my CMX Suite web comic strip but for this, I decided to color the Hokie and add the "I will never forget" tattoo to the bird.

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Does this make me famous???

The Canadian government has started an environmental awareness campaign in which they are trying to get people to use less electricity by turning out their lights when they aren't in use. The campaign is called "FLICK OFF" (hence my quasi-claim to would-be fame).

The designers of the campain have decided that it would be funny if the camapign was desined in all caps. As I can attest from a certain experience I had in seventh grade, that's NEVER a good idea!

Back in seventh grade, I had a habit or writing my name in all caps as so: CHRIS FLICK. Well, one day in my math class, a teacher I didn't particularly get along with, actually accussed me of "writing vulgarities" on one of my test papers and proceeded to send me to detention. It was the last class of the day so I had no way of calling or informing my parents that I was going to be late getting home that day.

When I eventually got home that late afternoon and explained what had happened, they were steamed (to say the least). The next day, my dad came to the school wearing one of his old football jerseys that had his last name on the back of it. As he talked to the Principle about the situation, he turned his back and walked down the hallway and, at the end of it, asked the Principle what it looked like on the back of his jersey. Once the Principle saw that, he realized my only crime was in putting the capital "L" too close to the capital "I".

I still prefer to write my name out in all caps. Only, now when I do so, I use a lower case "i" instead of an uppercase - so my name looks more like so: CHRIS FLiCK.

If you still haven't figured things out yet, here is a picture of the press conference for the Canadian campaign and a news link that follows it:

And here is the news link:
The CityNews story.
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