Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My kindom, my kingdom for a table...

I decided, in an effort to help promote Community MX and the little web comic strip (CMX Suite) of mine that runs on the home page every Tuesday, I'm going to re-post the strip here a day or two after it runs on Community MX's home page and talk about the strip a bit more.

That being said, here is yesterday's CMX Suite:

Yesterday's strip was just a humorous take on the whole web designing debate concerning "Tables vs. CSS". I just thought it would be funny to take the whole "no tables" viewpoint to such an extreme that a web company would, literally, throw out ALL of its REAL tables... even if that meant a lot of inconvenience for them.

Would this really happen? Of course not. But it's sort of my comic strip version of the old "Airplane" joke "...and don't call me Shirley" gag. No one in the web design community thinks tables are so evil that they would be willing to actually destroy ACTUAL tables. But it's still funny to watch cartoon characters willing to go to such extreme measures... no matter what the cost.

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