Monday, May 21, 2007

Very displeased with Casio customer service

If you know me, you'd know that I don't normally like to complain about crappy or questionable customer service but my situation with Casio watches has really gotten me steamed. Here's how the story goes...
About two years or so ago, I bought a Casio Pathfinder watch. Here's a close up picture of the watch:

Now, for the most part, this is a fine, reliable watch and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The only thing I never really liked about it though was the band. Little did I know the band would end up being the source of my frustration this week.

See the little red circles on the band? That's where the pins go - only they aren't like your typical watch band pins. This particular watch actually has four pin parts that attach to the watch. There are two normal pins that attach to the watch and the band but then there are two other pin parts that attach underneath the band and hold the pins, the band and the watch in place. One of these secure pins is what broke off on my watch. And, stupidly, I thought it would be easy to fix by going out and just buying a replacement band (with pins) at the local Target or Wal-mart stores.


As it turns out, if anything happens to your Pathfinder band (or its pins), you need to order a replacement band directly from Casio itself. But here's where my frustration lies... Casio won't tell you specifically that the leather band and the pins that attach to the watch are TWO SEPERATE ITEMS!!!

Last week, I spoke to several people at Casio as I was trying to order my replacement band. I specifically went into details that it was the replacement PINS that I needed and that the band itself was fine. I just needed some way to attach the band to the watch itself. REPEATEDLY, I was told I needed to order a new band. At $14 PLUS the cost of shipping ($17.00 and some odd change in all).

Well, the replacement band finally got to my house on Saturday but to my chagrin, it was ONLY the leather band. No pins. No extra parts to actually attach the band to the watch.

So, this morning, after numerous calls to various Casio departments, thats when I was told that the pins and the band itself were two individual items and someone last week should have explained that to me.

Okay... someone messed up and that makes me mad because I didn't need to spend $17 for a band I already had. But what really steams me is the logic of having the pins and the watchband as TWO SEPARATE ITEMS!!! How in the world does THAT make sense at all??? At $14 (plus $3 for shipping and handling), you would think the pins would come WITH the band. I mean, honestly, when you go to Target or Wal-mart and purchase a replacement watch band, the PINS COME WITH THE BAND!!! So how does it make any sense that when you order replacement parts directly from Casio itself, they decide the two things are completely separate???

I think that, more then anything else, frustrates me the most. And even though they wanted me to purchase the pins again, after this experience, I've decided to just go out and buy a new watch (probably a TIMEX this time) because, for all I know, they might end up sending me only one of the four pins I need and I might end up having to purchase EACH of the replacement pins separately.

So my advice to all of you... whether you are purchasing a Casio, a TIMEX or some other watch, make sure you ask about how easy it is to replace the bands should something happen to the pins. I know that's what I'll be doing later on this week when I'm looking at new watches to buy... as much as I hate to say that because I really DO like my Casio Pathfinder watch (but the band... the band has got to go!).

Sorry Casio. You made a great watch but a lousy band. And please... make sure you tell people that the replacement band and pins are TWO SEPERATE items next time someone calls about their Pathfinder watch. Even though this doesn't make any sense, it still might prevent a lot of customer frustration in the future.

Just something to think about from a very dishearted and jaded Casio customer.

-Currently, just steaming (not listening to anything)


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