Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scott Fegette discovers fatherhood

Today's strip is a celebration of Scott Fegette's new found "Daddyhood".
But here's the problem with doing a weekly strip sometimes...

When I was first coming up with the idea for this strip, Scott and his wife were still EXPECTING. But as you can see from Scott's Flickr account, him and his wife already had the baby:

Scott's Flickr account!

Now... Because you all are long time readers of the strip (and I know ALL of you are, right?), consider this post a DVD extra you won't get any where else. Here's some "secret behind the scene tidbits" about this strip:

1) Scott's Wife:
I had never met or seen any pictures of Scott's wife before - including any pictures of her he may have posted on his Flickr account. My cartoon of her is completely made up but after seeing her photos, I thought I came pretty darn close.

2) Fiction mirroring reality:
When I first told Scott what I was planning to do (and sent him a rough sketch of the cartoon), not only did he and his wife love it, it also turned out to be pretty darn true as well. Scott and his wife didn't want anyone to know the name or sex of their newborn so even though it wasn't QUITE a N.D.A. (Non Disclosure Agreement), it was pretty darn close!

3) Scott's T-shirt:
I'm letting out a little secret here but Scott actually used to be a TRUE Guitar Hero God! If you're lucky, you still might be able to find proof of Scott's musical career by doing a Google Image search for him (but you didn't hear that from me! LOL!).

And there you go...
Three little secret tidbits about today's cartoon.

Who says you don't get something for your money every Tuesday morning at CommunityMX?


Listening to The Rocky Horror Soundtrack... ahhh! The memories!!!


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