Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Steve Jobs and the paper keyboard

Whoa! Sorry for the long break folks (or who ever is coming to read and look at my little drawings). My mother-inlaw sadly passed away a few weeks ago. My father-in-law honored me by asking me to be one of her pall barer's. As as typically goes, life's been crazy ever since.

Anyway, here's a larger version of the Steve Jobs cartoon as he appears in "CMX Suite" this week: "Drinking the Kool-Aid...".

This is one of those weird combinations of "cartoon" and "caricature". In the above illustration, Steve's nose is a bit too large to really be considered a true caricature. I purposely was trying to make his nose look like a hawk's beak in order to give the subtle impression that he will soon consume us all. Just like a hawk hunting for mice.

Hope you enjoy. I'm currently working on a new Capes 'n' Babes cartoon - this one dealing with the re-imagination of "Superman: year One". I hope to have that finished soon.

Word to the wise to all you would-be web cartoonists out there: If you're going to try and draw a second web comic strip, it's probably a really good idea to have a whole bunch of them done before you create a web comic web site for yourself. That's the trouble I'm finding with Capes 'n' Babes... CMX Suite is taking up so much of my time, I'm not finding ENOUGH time to finish all the cartoon ideas I have for my other strip.

On a sad note, I also want to mention the passing of Mike Wieringo this past Sunday. Mike was a fantastic comic book artist who did work for DC, Marvel and had a creator owened series called "Tellos". I never knew Mike personally but I was very fortunate to meet and talk to him every year he came to the Baltimore Comicon. If you want to see what a lot of his friends are saying about him, you can read some of their rememberances at his web site.

There's been lots of comic book artists I've been fans of - John Byrne is one that immediately comes to mind - but there are only two comic book artists that really affected me so much that they managed to influence how I drew. One was Matt Wagner and his original series "Mage" and the other was 'Ringo and the way he drew all of his characters.

I'm not saying I ended up drawing like either guy - my cartoons will prove that I don't - but they influenced me such a great deal that I was conscious of thinking about their work whenever I started drawing something new. to this day, I still think about the way Mike drew his cartoon eyes - so you could say he STILL has a large influence on me and my art.

I'm very sad to realize I won't be seeing any more new art from him - and baltimore Comicon won't be the same without him this year.

Not really listening to anything at the moment...

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